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Our Stress Relief Tips Will Help You Combat That Burned Out, Weighed Down Feeling

Feeling like the world is on your shoulders? Hopefully our stress relief tips will help ease your burden. This is a face paced multi-tasking world we live in and it’e easy to get overwhelmed. There is so much pressure to get ahead that many times we lose sight of ourselves.

Stress Relief Tips 1) Take Time Out For Yourself – Yes, this is easier said than done but if you don’t slow down sometime you will eventually just collapse. It’s very important that you take at least 30 minutes each day to decompress from all of life’s daily chores. Reserve some time for yourself and you will see that you will fell refreshed and more creative. How can this be done? Well to borrow a phrase from Nike “Just Do It!” It’s that simple.

2) Have A Realistic Plan For The Future – When you have a plan for your future many times you become a prophet. With good plan in place you will reduce your stress by knowing that you are working toward something. Whether it is financial, emotional, spiritual, educational, etc. have a REALISTIC plan. Of course, all plans won’t work, but at least having a plan prevents you from having that dust in the wind feeling. If you fail to plan, plan to fail. When you feel like you are failing your stress level will go through the roof.

3) Have A Good Support Group – Many of us try to be superhuman and try to help everyone. We wind up stressing so much on problems of other that we forget ourselves. Even worse you may become an “dumping ground” for people who don’t want to take responsibility for their lives. Every time they have a problem they lay in on you and expect you to bail them out. Sometimes you just have to say NO, even if it is your child. Having some responsible, caring people around you will go a long way to lower your stress.

4) Get Some Exercise – This is one of our key stress relief tips. Most of the time when you are stressed out you will tend to gain weight. This leads to you feeling bad about yourself which leads to more stress. Plus the extra weight could lead to chronic diseases like high blood pressure and organ corroding diabetes. The end result, SUPER high stress because you will be constantly worrying about your health.

Exercising will help you lose weigh, make you look and feel better, plus the activity releases feel good chemicals (endorphins)which helps lower stress. In general, if you look and feel good, you will be in a more positive frame of mind.

5) Don’t Expect Perfection – No one is perfect and expecting to be perfect only sets you up to feel stressed when you fail to reach perfection. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t set high standards for yourself, just don’t set impossible ones.

Stress Relief Tips 6) Don’t Worship Money – We all need money but we will not all be rich. Your goal should be to make a decent living and be a productive citizen but when you become consumed about persuing money you will constantly be stressed. In tough economic times it’s easy to get down and depressed, especially when money is tight. We should all remember that most important things in life are love, health and family.

I’m sure you have heard stories about mega rich people killing themselves. In fact, a billionaire victim of Bernard Madoff’s 65 BILLION dollar Ponzi scheme threw himself in front of an oncoming train. Why?! because he was only worth half of what he used to be and he couldn’t live with that. Obviously, he didn’t value his life and maybe was lacking in the family department.

This is one of the key stress relief tips that you should follow because if you start worshipping money you will have a VERY BIG problem.

7) Listen To Soft Music – It has been scientifically been proven that listening to soft music (classical, smooth jazz, etc.) reduces stress by relaxing the mind.

8) Practice Deep Breathing – Deep breathing at 10 breath per minute can lower your stress and your blood pressure. It takes practice to get down to 10 BPM, but it can be down. Sit in dark room with your eyes closed and focus only on your breathing. Breath in through the nose and out through the mouth, take your focus away from all your stresses. // // 9) Call It A Day At A Reasonable Hour – Everyday we are all busy multi-taking and many times we suffer from sleep depravation. Set a time limit when you will cease working and the get some family time or just take it easy. Put down the “Crackberry”, turn off the computer, don’t take work related phone calls. This is your time to do you. Resting will only make you more productive. Remember even God had to rest one day!

10) Show Some Love Give Or Get A Hug – That’s right don’t be a grouch this is one of those good stress relief tips that often goes overlooked. Go on now, give your spouse, kids, friends a big hug. Studies have shown that when you a touched by a loved one stress relieving endorphins are produced. Hugs are free so give one today.

11) Laugh Out Loud – Life may throw you some curves but it’s not all bad. Learn to find the humor in situations Once again lauging produces endorphins, which we know make us feel good. So go to a comedy club, tell some dry jokes, pop in your favorite comedy DVD. Whatever you do just LOL! It really will do you some good.

12) Write A Journal – Use this journal to chronicle your highs and lows. When you are feeling down you can go back and reminisce. You can also use the journal to “unload” any negativity. If you had a bad day write it down then close the book on it…literally.

13) Make Love Not War – Making love with your significant other helps relieve stress by… you guessed it producing endorphins. What’s better than making sweet love after a hard day? This is one of our favorite stress relief tips. 😉

14) Get Out Into Nature – There’s nothing more refresing that taking a leisurely stroll on the beach or breathing some fresh mountain air. If you live in the city it’s good to get away from the hustle and bustle every so often. Nature generally has a calming effect on the psyche (of course that’s if you don’t get attacked by a mountain lion while hiking in the mountains…LOL). Get more in tune with nature and you will notice your stress level decreasing.

Well folks we hope you find our stress relief tips helpful and when we have more tips we will update the site so be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed. Take care and stress less!

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